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cities, including pittsburgh and new york. man: new york city went to philadelphia and said, "you know, we're thinking of developing a hudson river water supply -- what do you suggest we do?" and they said, "we've had "a lot of problems on the schuylkill. "don't go to the hudson river. go to the upland and work by gravity." and that's what new york city did. they first went to the hudson highlands, but 150 years later, it went to the delaware highlands. and really diverted the water that normally went to philadelphia to new york city. i don't think they anticipated that. narrator: the majority of new york city's drinking water comes from watersheds in upstate new york. a watershed is the area of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water. mountains act as a funnel to feed rivers and lakes. and in this case, reservoirs. in the new york city system, water is collected and stored in 19 reservoirs, which can hold more than a year's supply -- over 580 billion gallons of water. almost all of the system is fed by gravity, without the use of energy-consuming p
have 16,000 of them. we have about 54,000 drinking water systems. narrator: issues facing new york city are very different from those in los angeles. and challenges facing small towns are very different from those in metropolitan areas. man: we have to have water supply for health purposes, for fire protection, and the economy. without it, things simply can't exist. woman: we have good health in this country, in part, because we have clean water. and we shouldn't forget that, and we shouldn't take it for granted. melosi: in the late 19th century, serious waterborne disease epidemics were having devastating effects. roy: but then, in the early 1900s, we began to treat our water. and since then, we've seen a rapid decline in the incidence of waterborne disease. narrator: most cities treat drinking water through filtration, chlorination, and sometimes ozonation to kill pathogens in the source supply. these are complex treatment plants that cost millions of dollars to operate, but are necessary for our wellbeing. the treatment of drinking water has been called one of the greatest public hea
. ♪ ♪ >> stahl: last week, the new york city ballet debuted their annual performances of "the nutcracker," one of the most famous ballets of all. so we decided to peek behind the curtain to witness the beauty, grace, and athleticism that goes into classical ballet. "60 minutes" didn't have to dig too deep to find out there's some drama, too. you once said about ballerinas, "they're always bitches. they are all tough, merciless, self-centered." >> it's fundamentally true. >> logan: beverly and dereck joubert have made more movies about lions than anyone alive. they've documented some of the most dangerous and memorable moments of africa's big cats. they told us what keeps them in the bush after all these years is the thrill of making new discoveries, like their contribution to the discovery of these water-loving super lions. >> their physique started to change. you could see that they were getting huge pectoral muscles and huge necks. these lions were at least 15% larger than any other lions we had been working with. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon
of cold air. boy, new york city getting down to 39 with the snow tomorrow. d.c. in the pocket of cold, too. >> oh, we have a whole group >> oh, we have a whole group here from arkansas. they have a little gift for robin. feeling very much like the holidays. i'll bring it inside. >> thank you, ginger. >>> where to find the best bang for your buck this cyber monday? we have great tips for you. >>> the latest trend for documenting your life online. one woman's pregnancy told in 1 now snapshots over nine months. >>> and deck the studio. jonathan adler getting into the spirit. >>> and alicia keys live performing here on "gma." ♪ this girl is on fire i've been taking a multivitamin for years. centrum silver. both of us actually. our pharmacist recommended it. and that makes me feel pretty good about it. and then i heard about a study looking at multivitamins and the long term health benefits. and what do you know? they used centrum silver in the study. makes me feel even better, that's what i take. sorry, we take. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied.
? >> what are we learning? gosh, what we learned that sandy did quite a number on new york city, and now the damage estimates are tallied up and new york city's mayor michael bloomberg is asking the federal government for $9.8 billion, with a b, $9.8 billion to help in the recovery. follow me here. that's after starting with the city's total public and private losses which were estimated at $19 billion, and then you break that out, so about $4 billion was covered by private insurers, about $5 billion expected to come from fema and then come up with the $9.8 billion figure which is just part of the $30 billion aid package that new york governor andrew cuomo has requested. what mayor bloomberg has done, brooke, he sent a letter to the members of the new york state congressional delegation asking for this money, saying, new york city will struggle to recover in the long-term unless this money -- this federal funding is given. >> was he being specific as far as where in the city the money needs to go the most? >> yeah, you look at the letter, what bloomberg is essentially saying is that, loo
. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, you will be glad to know your congress is back from break and so begins another round of negotiations aimed at keeping the country from going off the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama expressing optimism they can come up with a deal to prevent automatic spending cuts and expiring tax breaks just into fox, the white house spokesman, jake carney, reports president obama spoke with the house speaker boehner and the senate majority leader harry reid over the weekend. still, concerns of the crisis and the european debt crisis sent stocks down but not precipitously but down. we are seeing signs of progress in washington, dc, with rare bipartisan consensus on raising taxes on the wealthy but they remain at odds over the specifics. in other words, exactly highway do you do it. and mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. the white house is expressing putting pressure on congress. >>reporter: a report on the impact if the bush tax cuts are not extended. the study says the typical middle class family will see taxes go up by $2,200 next year a
the studio and your he' seeing a mad dash. >> you better believe it, here in new york city alone, there are nearly 16,000 lotteries and it's hard to walk up and down the streets without seeing people pick up tickets and hit the streets of manhattan during the busiest shopping season of the year to see what hopeful buyers are hoping to scoop up if they win. >> look at that, i've got the winning ticket. thanks. >> so if you win, you're going to take your kids to disney world and do what else? >> i'll probably buy a nice house on the beach southwest. >> and give 10, $20, like $100 bill and win the ticket and win the jackpot. how come you decide today play today. my co-worker mentioned the price how high it is, i decided why not. >> what would you do if you won? >> i'm not quite sure, anything, and everything. >> big bucks, no whammies got my two bucks and hook it up, hook it up. give me the winning ticket here. >> and this is the winning ticket. good luck. >> sorry, guys, probably the last time you're going to see me on camera. or maybe wednesday will be the last time, actually here
inch or two is possible tuesday. areas from north of philly and north and west of new york city. >> all right, bill, thanks so much. >>> justin bieber called, quote, white trash for what he wore in a photo while meeting a vip. we'll show it to you. >>> plus, the rolling stones kick off a handful of 50th anniversary concerts. details next. entertainment straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. [ cat 1 ] i am not a vegetarian... look at these teeth! they're made for meat! [ cat 2 ] do i look like i'm stalking plants? [ male announcer ] most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten but iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, [ cat 3 ] look at this body! under this shiny coat is a lean, mean purring machine [ cat 4 ] i am too! hahahaha! [ male announcer ] iams. with 50% more animal protein. [ cat 5 ] yum! [ cat 1 ] i'm an iams cat. feed me what i'm born to eat. meow. i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to
areas just outside of philadelphia and new york city, we are going to see one or two inches of kind of a slushy snow during the daylight hours tomorrow. so joe, it's in the a big snow event for areas around new york city or philly, but just a little coating out there. >> is it going to be, like, 75 any time this week? >> maybe april. >> oh. >> thank you, bill. >> thank you, bill. >>> time for some sports now. eli manning and the giants try to close out a rough november with a win over the packers last night. pick it up in the second quarter. eli manning drops back on third down and finds his favorite target, victor cruz, for the touchdown. there you go. giants up 24-7. about a minute to go before halftime, packers trying to get something going. but aaron rodgers is stripped on the play by osi umenyiora. >> it's that mustache. >> five sacks and two turnovers in the game. they go on to win in impressive fashion, 38-10. the giants now hold a two-game lead over the redskins and cowboys for the nfc east lead. >> i tell you what, bears' quarterback jay cutler came back from a concussion y
coming up. >> welcome back. temperatures in new york city are dipping into the freezing mark at night, a real concern for those storm victims who are still without power. they are relying on tents, portable heaters and blankets to keep warm. volunteers are serving hot food and giving out supplies to storm victims. tamale apart and was flooded. over here, it -- my apartment-was flooded. one of those volunteers had his apartment flood in "so over here, it is warmer i'm outside, like you "there is no way to escape isn't." as of this weekend, officials said york and new jersey. >> take a look atoll foggy it is going to be this morning. >> and i thought that we lost footage but that is actually our roof cam. and with good reason it is certainly foggy. i have k n seen fog like that as bad as this as lon been a long time. >> we will see the fog along the waterfront. and even a similar report to with temperatures on the cooler side. we will see more clouds and an association with another storm expected to hit the bay area. with that, a round of what weather at midweek for the weekend. ce
could have taken his jacket off, maybe met in the middle, compromise. >>> this comes to us from new york city where the government is giving a hand to thousands of new yorkers who had their jobs washed away by hurricane sandy. a federal grant will be used to put 5,000 new yorkers back to work. governor andrew cuomo slated the funds will allow the state to quickly hire unemployed residents to clean up areas devastated by hurricane sandy. that's one thing a lot of people are not talking about. there's so much cleanup to be done. >> they need people to do it. >> what better people to do it. >> they can't hire a plumber or electrician or any of those things right now. >>> i'm lynn berry, and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> if you think it's cold out, this may make you think twice about complaining. more than 200 people warmed up before taking an icy dip in the waters off southeast poland. the tradition sees swimmers aged 6 to 80 dressed up in wigs and costumes to take the polar plunge. at 39 degrees, some complained the water wasn't even
there. 84 degrees, otherwise, cool, dry in denver, chicago, and over at new york city. forecast around northern california, we are seeing dry skies, like i said, if for tomorrow to start off the workweek. plenty of sunshine, lake tahoe, highs in the 50s to low 60s, here is your forecast. seven-day forecast around the bay. monday, tuesday, kind of a similar story, the temperature wise, staying dry until wednesday with the low pressure system entering the bay area. more showers into thursday. then, a second storm system heading our way on friday into saturday making it it a wet coming weekend. that is a check of your seven day forecast. here is dennis with a look at the world of sports. >> okay. can carson palmer return to cincinnati. next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the only difference?? jim harbaigh chose 2nd-year quarterback colin kaepernics the 49ers new star >>> today's 49er game was a rematch against the saints. the only difference, jim ha are rbough chose the second as the starting quarterback. the worst kept secret in football and how would he perform? in a noisy dome? he quieted the cr
in the middle 80s, cool, staying dry in denver, chicago and new york city. tomorrow's skies plenty of 50s and 60s in yosemite. here is a look at the forecast over the next seven-days. showers it continuing into thursday. then, we have a second storm system hitting the bay area on friday night into saturday. and continuing,the entire rest of the next weekend. so, we are talking moderate rain. looks like the north bay will be hit the hardest. localized tphraoling it is definitely a possibility. could be one of the real significant storms of the season. >> we have not seen that in a long time. >> we haven't. >> all righty, thank you very much. >> so, where does the stpraoeupber controversy stand now. -- where does the call of controversy stand now? ,,,,,, you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for c
in denver, chicago, and new york city. we're hitting the roads, plenty of sunshine. coming in at the high of about 5 degrees. checking your forecast here at home. they will be interesting. so monday and tuesday, we're staying dry. temperatures for the most part in the 60s. and the coast bay and inland, but then check out wednesday. the low pressure system will be heading our way, more showers will be sticking around on thursday. the second storm system will be coming our way on friday and lasting well into next weekend. and it looks like the north bay, it will be hit the hardest and we could see some areas of localized flooding. getting ready for the very wet end of november. that's a check, back to you. >> thank you. >>> well, jumping jacks, they will still be jumping. and we'll show you the stones on stage tonight. >>> and yes, the movies as big of a draw on the bargain. how much box office raked in is coming up next. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of
, otherwise, cool but dry in denver, chicago and new york city. here is a look at the forecast. hitting the roads, plenty of sunshine. yosemite, high of about 53 degrees. and, now, checking your forecast here at home. the next seven-days will get interesting. monday and tuesday, we are staying dry. the temperatures for the most part in the saeubgts, the coast bay and inland. but, then, check out wednesday. we get the low pressure system heading our way. more showers sticking around on thursday. and then we have a second storm system coming our way on friday. and blasting well into next weekend. it looks like the north bay is going to be hit the hardest. we could see areas of localized flooding. so, get ready to a very wet end of november that is check of your seven-day forecast, back to you guys. >> all right, thank you. >>> moving up the ranks comes up at a cost. what lawmakers are sacrificing for a new title. >>> and i can lead to get twinkies. how this store held the going out of business sale. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, smaller. top officials from governor brown on down, and 80 membef the sta
some snow even coming into you in new york city. take a look at these temperatures and you'll find out why. we've got 8 in new york on monday, but tuesday your high's going to be 4 degrees as it is in toronto today, just at the freezing point in chicago on your monday, as well, minus 12 in winnipeg for the high, the lows around minus 29. so bundle up up is probably a bit of an understatement. in the south, temperatures still in the mid to upper 20s. all right. we head into europe. another day of rain for the british isles. you could see as much as 50 to 70 millimeters additional rainfall into your tuesday, certainly enough to add to that flooding problem in lower lying areas. now, into wednesday, high pressure is going to move the out. you'll see a much clearer day. but central locations are just going to be getting started. the alpine region in particular and parts of eastern france. further out towards the east, not too much in the way of wet weather here. in fact, it's going to be fairly dry and quiet. but temperatures are starting to fall away. minus 1 in moscow for the high. we ha
in or leaving new york city and i had the book and had martinis and we read the book together and you loved one line "female criminals can be unwidely uncunning" and we had that conversation about why airportings never have clocks and after that i saw you two times and more sorrow and the first is when you family were in the gold country and i met you there before we went back to our house. although it was summer rain pored all day long. the pewter sky was inseparable from the horizon and you my brother and by that time were also becoming inseparable from the horizons of your illness and the line between you it and were blurring. it was during that first visit i understood that you would die and not eventually but sooner than that you. you were in a wheel care and -- chair and we waited while abbey and the boys got the care. it's the first time we were alone together. as the rain drummed i turned to you and saw that you were crying, crying silently not moving and i reflected then how curious it was before i never seen a person cry in this alarming manner silently and letsing the tears
across new york city and southward toward the state of philadelphia. >>> get ready for that. we will check in with you later. it is time to brew in on this. one swedish toy company is making big changes to the holiday catalog this year. the company is called top toys. the entire catalog is gender neutral. >> meaning girls are shown playing with guns and boys are shown playing with dolls. this after sweden's advertising watch dog reprimanded the companies for showing girls dressed as princesses and boys as super heros. those images were gender discrimination. >> are the catalog changes a good idea or has this political correctness gone too far? >> tweet us at foxx frien frient or e-mail us. >> 10 after the top of the hour. coming up going, going gone. how long would you wait to get your hands on some of the world's last twinkies? >> three french hens two turtledoves and a partridge in a pair tree. >> they are not free. >> we will tell you how much it will cost you this year if you want to buy all this stuff. ♪ can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the u
, bob beckel, dana perino and "top kill brian kilm. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: who in the world can save us from the fiscal cliff? >> first of all, give honor to god. ♪ ♪ lord and savior, barack obama. >> eric: not even that savior. 36 days going over the fiscal cliff. you should know what is at stake if partisans don't figure out a way soon. bush tax cut goes away and that alone would drive taxup fo. the patches will die as well. so add in the failure of the super committee and sequestered $1.2 trillion. spending cuts of $600 billion in defense. why are we here? you can't blame revenues. americans forked over $2.3 trillion in taxes and fees last year. the taxaholics are stone cold drunk on our spending. spending is out of control. mr. president, waiting for you to stand up and show leadership. bob, haven't heard a thing. crickets. >> eric: i think you heard things. there is movement going on here. >> bob: i'm glad they're breaking away from norquist and say there is a need for revenue. i think whether that comes in form of limiting deduct
most of new york city, has said that they will get customers the money back from the days that they were powerless. another one for the private sector, well, if you are con ed anyway, a growing number of republican leaders are saying that times have changed and the party is trying to reach middle-class voters. what do we make of this overall talk? michael goodwin is here with us today. what do you make of this? i mean, it would make sense if they were nervous after what happened. but what you do about it? >> i think to find a solution, we first need to understand the problem. when we look at the numbers, the defeat of the republican party was not massive. it was not across the country. it was not wild. for example, in the electoral college, the president ran away with it. there were four key swing states that he won. ohio, florida, virginia, and colorado, by a combined total of 300 30,000 votes. now, had mitt romney won those states, we would be talking about what a genius he was. in fact, any other democrat would have lost this election. i think that barack obama is uniqu
the playing field. "fast money" starts right now. >>> and live from the nasdaq market site in new york city's times square i am mandy standing in for melissa lee. here are tonight's top three trades. retail mobility. the whole weekend was an online shopping event. and hain fights back. we have the ceo on the show with his take plus cliff hanger. it is the cloud hanging over investors. should you be encouraged by the latest comments out of washington. let's get to the top story. should you be betting on some of the tech names? you have facebook, yahoo all getting upgrades. should you be buying to the rebound. grasso, goldman sachs is saying conviction for yahoo. >> yahoo i agree with. for me facebook was a buying opportunity based on technicals. yahoo is in an improve me stage. 19 is real resistance. marissa may erwhen she came back six hours after having a baby she came back. to me that was -- >> i'm looking for paternity leave these days. >> you have to go to norway for that one. >> it is a tremendous story. they are investing. they are buying more opportunities. they still have competitio
turned out to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city last thursday found the confetti raining down on them contained sensitive personal information such as social security numbers. turns out, confetti was made up of shredded documents from the nassau county, new york, police department. an investigation under way to determine how those documents ended up as confetti. that's just a bad idea. >> recycling going really, really bad, right? >> oh, my goodness. a woman from st. petersburg, florida, is in trouble this morning. she was photographed two months ago riding a manatee. 53-year-old anna gloria garcia was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant saturday. florida's manatee sanctuary act protects these endangered sea mammals. people are not allowed to annoy, molest, harass or disturb them. she faces a $500 fine and up to six months in jail! if she is convicted. >> as soon as you saw this picture you knew it was going to be a problem. don't ride the manatees. >> six months in jail, too. that will teach folks a lesson. >> 38 minutes after the hour. and $1 billion. that's how m
lawsuit that has been filed itself has become part of the story. new york city wants the filmmakers to turn over their raw interviews. they refuse citing their rights as journalists to protect their sources. the record powerball jackpot is getting even bigger. nobody won last night so this week's prize is jumping to at least $425 million. the largest in powerball history. the next drawing is wednesday night. the rolling stones marked their 50th anniversary tonight with, what else, a concert in london. 69-year-old mick jagger rolled back the years as he hit the stage singing the classic "i want to be your man." he was joined by forever young bandmates keith richards, ronnie wood and charlie watts. still ahead, learning a language that was nearly lost forever. t, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd mak
happen to be doing this in luxembourg for the first time in my life, not living in new york city, not working, but taking care of my four-year-old children, while my wife works an insane job of 70-hour weeks and traveling all over the place. and i was-- i was at home with a washing machine that was in german and a stove in german. and i spoke no german. and so i used this thing called intensiveness because it sound trike had a lot of exclamation points. and i burned everything. and i had to become a new person who knew how to use a stove in german, knew how to spend my days on the floor with the children playing leg organization buying butcher cuts in french. and being a stay-at-home parent. and i don't think i ever approached being a woman, but this-- in luxembourg, 99% of the people doing this were women, and i was a lone man in this world surround by women. >> schieffer: my daughter said you did the best job and had the most insight into what a mom does while dad is off doing whatever it is he does. and i think that's part of the success of your book. but we'll get back to tha
in the area from staten island to the jersey shore. >> if that was not bad enough, temperatures in new york city are dipping into the freezing mark at night with a raw concern for those storm victims who are still without power. they are relying on portable heaters, blankets, volunteers are serving hot food and giving out supplies. >> so over here, it is a bit warmer. and it is at home a. and i am outside, like you said and i am offsite! there's no way to escape the cold, there really isn't. >> >> as of this weekend, officials say thousands of customers remain without power in new york and new jersey >> we are seeing some decent conditions but still a bit chilly. 40's. mostly clear skies. we will see some ground fog of developing impacting the visibility at the ground level. gray skies and sunshine. however, mostly sunny with high clouds. for tuesday, this big transition and the weather on tuesday with this storm system that is getting closer. with fair weather but over the pacific this storm system is gathering strength. moving towards the bay area. it is going towards wednesday and the ch
it was the summer solstice and thousands of yoga lovers were celebrating in new york city's time square. it was literally a far stretch from doomsdayers. >> there is nothing to suggest that gigantic floods and earthquakes will destroy our world. >> there are prophesy that has say the world is going to end. >> i think what we're dealing with is denial of our own deaths. >> this obscure relic monument 6 is the focus of the mayan countdown to doomsday. worn and this strange thing translated the end date and suggestion that something will happen. there is no evidence the maya were counting down to doomsday. >> it's not borne out by what we know about the maya. they looked at cycles that went beyond the 2012 date. >> we were involved the past summer some amazing inscriptions from guatemala which show computations of numbers longer than the cycle. there is a number that projects into the future a thousand years from today. >> such recent discoveries have not halted speculation about the end of the maya calendar. >> i think stories like this get started because you see that the ancient scripts
of the family. it's a wonderful place. i just want to remind people that in central park in new york city, itbnpic¢Ñ a restaurant, is called tavern on the green. it hasn't made central park into some sort of ugly slum. thank you. >> supervisor farrell: thank you. next speaker, come on up. >> my name's bill bowles, i've lived in san francisco for 10 years and known the mcnifns for maybe 20 years. i agree with the previous speaker here. you know, there's only one beach chalet. there's only one cliffhouse. there's only one ferry building, and one warming hut. it's important that those places are run well. and they are. and they're not a place with -- the beach chalet is not a place with drunks roaming around late at night. it's actually a great san francisco icon. the ferry building as well. and with this degaussing station there's opportunity to make that place, which is currently empty, a new spot for locals and for tourists to gravitate to. and the mcnifns are an amazing family, and they are great restaurant owners. i've seen three different restaurants that they have owned, all with differe
authority's path service to get to and from new york city. >>> apple has asked a federal court to add six more products to its suit against samsung, the case is one of two lawsuits by apple against samsung. apple claims tablets and smartphones infringed on eight of its patents. apple won a 1.5 billion dollar against samsung is i am >>> youtube has a top video investors will be watching retailers this cyber monday morning. >> jane king joins us live. hopefully a great thanksgiving for you. >> yes it was, thank you. the retailers look like they had a great thanksgiving, we'll be getting newspapers -- getting numbers as the month goes on. they try to hold on to the weekend shopping momentum and boost that mobile shoppers gave them. investors trying to figure out if strong sales numbers mean people plan to spend more this season or whether they just shopped early to take advantage of deals? how much of the spending was on gifts and how much were people buying for themselves. study indicates nearly half of tech purchasers who shopped thursday and friday bought something for themselves, that co
-income residents. >> temperatures in new york city are dipping into the freezing mark at night, a real concern for those storm victims who are still without power. they are relied on a tense, portable heaters and blankets to keep warm. volunteers are serving hot food and giving all supplies to storm victims. one of those volunteers had his apartment flooded in the october hurricane and is still without heat. >> there is no way to an escape the cold thousands of customers are still without electricity in new york and new jersey. the utility crews that there tried to get the power 01 as soon as possible. >> new affirmation on the war in afghanistan. obama administration officials say the they want to keep around 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan when the form of combat role is in 2014. there's a the midpoint what general john alan recommended. he propose maintaining 6000 to 15 dozen u.s. troops to conduct training and counter- terrorism efforts. but the information suggests that the u.s. plans to keep all fours in afghanistan for years to come. >> coming up on kron 4 news will have more on the t
's office in new york city talked about, boy, use text where you can. i think that's a good message to deliver to consumers. use texting wherever you can, leave the phone calls to 911, to the really important calls. and otherwise use texting or use your data connections to gather information. >> host: did the spectrum get flooded with information and overloading? >> guest: sure. their, i mean, usage was pretty tremendous, and we found this out wherever you have an issue where there's people who need information, you find that the networks really get flooded. i saw numbers two, three, four, five hundred to 15,000% increases on some web sites. and you saw in a lot of the application stores that the apps that quickly ran to the top were those that gave you access to information or the mobile flash light, i think, was one of the other ones that really found sort of a lot of people downloading it. but there was a surge in traffic; but i didn't see numbers that suggested there was a significant amount of call blocking or dropping. i think the networks handled the surge pretty well. >> hos
across the country. this was macy's at midnight in new york city. other stores open really liked was r us and best buy, great deals like lc tvs which re 50% of. overall sales on black friday are expected to be 4% to $11.5 billion. midnight opening hours are one way traditional stores are doing everything they can to compete th online retailers which were open all the time. regular source said black friday, have their cybermonday, the monday after thanksgiving. it was a record breaker with half of shopping done that day on work computers. fedex said it would ship a record number of packages this year. how do you make money from this craziness? retailer stocks in the s&p 500 are up 25%, outperforming the overall index. break and mortar versus q or online retailers which is the best choice? gary is the president of capital management. i can't say your last name today. there we go. let me show viewers a full screen here, retail stocks, on line versus brick and mortar and the on line do much better. you have an insight into this chart. what is it? >> amazon is a huge part of that chart and ama
cases to happen. that has been changed. when i was head of the teacher'' union in new york city, i tried to get that policy changed and made lots of proposals, but the government did not want to do it. at the end of the day, it has to be about somebody of good character, somebody who wants to teach, somebody who knows how to teach. those of the ones who should be teaching. that is what we have in schools across the country. if there is an issue people should get due process, but due process should not be a job for life. we have to make sure people are treated fairly, but also that kids get the best teachers possible. host: lester to new jersey and hear from david on a democrat line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am a teacher, and i would like to address a lot of the things that came up with the caller. this last caller, about in the classroom, as i am sure ms. weingarten, i taught in new york city, and one of the things i learned a long time ago is when there was disrespect in the classroom a lot of it came from the home. if it was not respect in the home or respect for authori
. >>> spectators at the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city got much more than bargained for showered with confetti made of confidential police information. let's bring in cnn's mary snow in new york with details. so what happened here, mary? >> well, you know, wolf, if it's not for a college student this may have gone unnoticed. police in nassau county just outside new york city invest gatding how the sensitive information wound up at the parade and why the documents weren't shredded properly. ♪ mixed in with the likes of spiderman and spongebob as new york's thanksgiving day parade is shredded police documents with personal information flung along the route. it is the subject of an investigation. parade sponsor macy's says it uses multicolored confetti, not the white shredded paper first brought to light by college student ethan finklestein. he went to a station saying he gathered the strips after one landed on his friend's jacket. >> she looked at it. picks it off the jacket and says ssn and then there's a number and written like a social security number. and we're l
of philadelphia and new york city. we'll follow that tomorrow, again, very minor impacts. we leave you with a shot of a very cold arch in st. louis. that's where we are watching temperatures plunging in the low windchills. coming up next here on "morning j joe," "town & country's" jay fielden on how rfk's granddaughter is headaching e g is shaking up camelot. that's next when "morning joe" returns. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. it's cramping. go ice that thing. sorry. hand cramp. ahh. [ male announcer ] cyber monday is back. shop now for great savings with free shipping. the first and only place to go for cyber monday. ♪ >>> hey. >> hey. what's going on? >> tesla's out there. >> you're supposed to be in new york. did he see you? >> no. >> yo. what are you doing? >> nothing. talking to my friend.
news and looks at me and goes, this is new york city, you might want to... and i go, i know, i know, i know. >> lou: 98% of the prospective buyers will be liberal. >> exactly and had to take everything and like put it into a chest. and we buried it in the ocean. so no one will ever find it. >> lou: it is striking when you refer to fox as the death star. greg is talking about the death star as overwhelming all of those left wing networks, we'll call them. msnbc, cnn, et cetera and it is true and you get one of two reaction and that is, you work for fox. and the other is, thank god, you work for fox and by the way, the latter reaction is the one that is 80% of the time, at least. >> you know what is funny? you run into people that are not fans of fox and, politics, five minutes, you realize they have never watched it and see something on a blog or will hear something and they -- the assumption is, that is the enemy and you will be at a bar, which is where i spend 95% of my time and i end up talking to these people and they are going, you are normal. you know? and i go, yes, because you h
will continue to guess the word out on the book and the documentary but you move from new york city recently to sailor massachusetts ironically. [laughter] what do see your life like in salem massachusetts? >> whenever we don't have to keep pushing the case like this and not dedicate all of our time to get out of of legal tango of a bike to have a small meditation center were i could share the things i had to learn that saved my sanity for those who are in desperate situations. >> host: you talk about something as mundane as the at the bank by guess all of this has prepared you for a lot of shit in your life? >> in prison people say how do you do it? the answer is you don't have a choice. whenever you get out to that is what you still do. >> host: i don't know you guys and what your priorities were before you were involved in this case but how has it changed you? >> she just said it turned us into people. >> the first time revisited damien they bring candid and his hands are behind his back it is almost comical because you can tell right away he is harmless besides being a pretty good, man t
you very much, audience. and, welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. i hope that you and your family are enjoying some precious and special time together, during this thanksgiving holiday. you know, we all have a lot to be grateful for but sometimes we have to stop and realize it. i'm grateful that i have work, knowing that many of my fellow americans don't. i'm grateful to have the freedom to speak my mind. even criticize the government, even though in places like iran and north korea it probably gets you killed and i'm grateful to have food to eat and home a sleep in and realize during this special weekend, there are thousands still left stranded and homeless by hurricane sandy and tragically some of our nation's veterans are sleeping on the streets, because we have not provided the resources they were promised. i am grateful for my church. it doesn't just preach the gospel, it practices it. and, it delivered hundreds of food baskets to good families, who just need a little help. to make sure their thanksgiving table has plenty. i'm also grateful for the me
was a summer solstice. thousands of yoga lovers were celebrating at the crossroads of the world in new york city's times square. these people's state of mind was a as ffar stretch from doomsday. here's a look at why predictions of destruction are simply missed. >> oo there is nothing in the myian calendar to suggest gigantic floods are going to destroy our world. >> there are no prophecies that say the world is going to end. >> i think what we are dealing with to some extent is the denial of our own deaths. it is the focus to the maya count down to doomsday. worn, damaged incomplete it has the end date to the calendar suggested that something will happen. there is no evidence they are counting down to doomsday. >> it was not born out by what we know about the maya. they look at cycles that go way beyond the 2012 dates. >> we were involved this past summer in the discovery of maya descriptions in guatemala which show computations of numbers longer than the long count cycles, though. there is a number that projects into the future 1,000 days from today. >> they have not halted speculation abo
york city, partly sunny skies, and 48 degrees. back in the bay area, the numbers today, we'll make do with a reading in the mid-60s. san francisco today, just 62. 62 at oakland. 67 in livermore and they have clear skies. extended forecast, boy does it get wicked this week. wednesday we'll get wet. enjoy the next couple of days of sunshine, but it's not going to last. as for how the fog is affecting the traffic. elizabeth has your update. >>> we first got to work this morning, i couldn't remember the last time i had seen the fog this thick at the bay bridge toll plaza. difficult to see that overcrossing in the distance. it is stacking up toward the 88 overcrossing. and they turned on the metering lights pretty early this morning, right around 6:00. you have brake lights like this and pretty difficult to see up the incline. and let's check the golden gate bridge. dense fog advisories for pretty much every bridge across the bay area and a foggy blur this morning as you head across the span of the golden gate bridge heading toward doyle drive. drive time in the green. 580 from golden gate
lines location were incorrect. >>> confetti rained down on the thanksgiving parade in new york city but with it plenty of confidential information as well. college februaryman found -- freshman found a social security number on one piece of paper and then he checked out other scraps from the sky. >> there are phone numbers, addresses more social security numbers, license plates numbers and we find these instant reports from police. >> it turned out the documents were to make confetti, the department is starting an investigation and reviewing the policy on disposing of sensitive documents. >> we have an idea, take these and shred them. >>> a bay area airport, what's being done on the run ways to keep passengers safe and sound. >>> and how rescuers saved nearly 3 dozen beagles. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . >>> well, a look ahead looks wet for the bay area, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, rain for the bay. what is the problem and it's a problem on the road ahead. >>> it is, and visibility is the problem. check out some of the live traffic cameras, three of the foggest to start you
communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> tonight we continue to exploring our brain with the conversation about pain. pain serves a very important function for us to survive, it teaches us what to avoid and lets us know when to seek medical help. at the same time, though it can create tremendous suffering. st. augustine once said the greatest evil is physical pain, 100 million americans live with it every day would yo would wouo doubt agree, pain knows no boundaries, regardless of age and race, beyond the physical symptoms the experience of chronic pain often leads to feelings of isolation and hopelessness. >> laura klein had been living with pain since a knee injury in 2008 and joins me this evening to speak about her experiences and incredible group of scientists are also here to discuss how we perceive and process pain, david bar stiewk of children's hospital and david julius of the university of california, san francisco, allan basbaum, also of the university of california san francisco, robert dworkin of the university of rochester and once again my cohost
and people can't find out private information about yourself. imagine you are at a parade like new york city. macy's thanksgiving day parade and all of that confetti that is falling down on to you is personal secres about people. social security numbers and incident arrestts about people here. >> brian: romney detail in longg long. that detail was out there. >> steve: apparently nassau county police department hired a company to shred and they didn't do a good job. looking at the little strings. you can find social security numbers and bank information and they unveil would under cover officer's identities. as well it goes on and on. it was discovered by ethan. it is. thank you very much. he was standing by 65 and central park west when he noticed on his friend, they have the little piece of confetti with social security stuff . here it is recounting that moment. >> i was enjoying the balloons and this time i was overwhelmed with look at all of this information. it was like ssn colon and we thought it was a romney motorcade and maybe a detective's name on the paper. it was shocking to me tha
. that's a lot of money especially new york state, new york city taxes over 52%. then i'd take that giant check and bring it to washington. you know they have that ad campaign, yeah, that kind of rich? that kind of check is that kind of rich. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. sue, down to you. i wonder what sue would do? >> i would pay for the three college educations that i'm going to have to fund all at the same time. that would be the first thing i'd do. there's a lot of good that you could do with that money. who knows? good luck to everybody who's got a ticket. >>> coming up in the next hour, the recovery road trip kickoff. day one of a three-day tour of the top cities for stocks. "street signs" reveals the number three mystery city straight ahead. we're back in a minute with a market update. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. so i never missed a beat. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. [ female announcer ] today, it's not just about who lives in the white hou
payouts on insured losses. mayor bloomberg just this afternoon also estimated the losses for new york city alone, economic activity and government at $20 billion alone. this may be -- remember, initially it was estimated at $50 billion event. maybe it's more like $75 billion or $100 billion. just a warning to investors, there's a lot of data coming up this week that's affected by sandy. if you take a look tomorrow, durable goods could have a sandy effect in it. new home sales thursday, you have jobless claims. again, a sandy effect in there. and the challenge for those playing the short term is to disaggregate, what's sandy and what's the real economy and after that figure off the fiscal cliff. >> all of that feeds into what you were saying, bill, expect a lot of volatility. the sandy effect will make it harder to decipher what's going on with the economic data. >> and the economic data is going to be skewed by mother nature, by politicians, a lot of things. you need a longer view, more than four weeks -- >> what's your view right now? >> cautious. but have you to be invested. you can't si
to prevent damage from the next major storm. the state, along with new york city, will ask for federal disaster aid based on the damage tally. one of the legendary bands of rock 'n' roll is marking its golden anniversary. the rolling stones celebrated 50 years last night in london, with the first of five shows in the united kingdom and the u.s. nina nannar of independent television news filed this report. >> two and a half hours, 23 songs, and 50 years. . ♪ i said hey, hey, you, you. ♪ get off of my cloud. ♪ hey, hey, you, you, get of my cloud. ♪ hey, hey, you, you, get off of my cloud ♪ >> thankfully for the rolling stones glowing reviews on this, their opening night of their anniversary tour. ♪ i want to be your lover, baby i want to be your man ♪ >> reporter: the men have a combined age of 273 years. but last night, they were clearly enjoying their trip down memory lane. even jagger's joke about the controversial ticket prices "how you doing in the cheap seats?" he asked, did not spoil the mood of the fans who came from all over the world. >> i came all the way from au
and vacaville, as christina said. live look at the peninsula side new york city escape there. this is just south of university where i can still make out the cars on the roadway, but north of here heading up toward menlo park and north of 92 on basically both sides of the bay, we do have very thick fog, so use caution and lower the speeds. allow extra time, folks. back to you. >> good advice, especially on the heels of this story, mike. a deadly weekend on california roadways claimed 27 lives, including six from the bay area. one of those deadly crashes happened saturday night on highway 50 near placerville when the driver of a prius swerved into the path of a minivan. three members of a bay area family in the prius died. a 4-year-old girl from placerville in the minivan was killed. five others were hurt in that crash with minor to serious injuries. investigators are looking into the cause of that crash. >> there is no information leading to any impairment of that driver. >> witnesses say a deer might have run out into -- in front of the cars. they're often seen in that area and drivers are forc
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